Alfa Romeo G1 Quatres Baquets (1921) 1/43 scale

230,00€ (vat inc.)

The car was designed by Giuseppe Merosi during the legal dispute with Nicola Romeo. Merosi conceived the model as a luxurious evolution of the pre-war 24Hp and 40-60Hp. The latter had in fact become obsolete and therefore the Alfa Romeo offer needed a completely new high-level model. The G1, for its imposing dimensions, was the largest Alfa Romeo ever built until then. In order to aspire to the market which, in those years, was dominated by the Rolls-Royce, the G1 was equipped with a longer frame and more rigid than that of the previous models. However, the G1 had no market in Italy also due to the high taxation which, being calculated on the basis of the engine capacity, penalized the models with large displacement engines. Also due to the strong and continuous increases in petrol prices that penalized cars with high displacement, production was limited to only 52 units. Of these, two were prototypes, and the 50 expensive mass-produced models, finding no buyers in Italy, took the path of Australia.