The first Alfa engine, 24 hp (1910) 1/43 scale

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At the end of 1909, when the design was already finished, Alexandre Darracq decided to sell the plant to a group of financiers willing to get into the car market.
The 24 HP is the first car built by Alfa acronym for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (who later became the Alfa Romeo) and was produced from 1910 to 1913.
The project was commissioned by the Managing Director Giuseppe Merosi of the "Italian Society Automobiles Darracq" Ugo Stella.
Thus was born the chassis "24 HP", with a cast-iron block engine quadricilindrico line of 4,082 cc, with side valves controlled by the camshaft in the crankcase and 4-speed gearbox, which initially was providing the power of 42 bhp at 2200 turns.
This power was further increased to 45 hp for the "24 HP C-series" of 1912 and "24 HP D Series" in 1913 and went up to 49 HP for the "20/30 HP Series" of 1914 which is the latest evolution the model.
Model made of resin and photo-etched details vary.

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Limited edition of 50 pieces.