Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 MMS Targa Florio (1928) Campari 1/43 scale

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May 6, 1928, the 19th Targa Florio - It 'remembered as one of the most exciting races of the 20's, with repeated changes to the lead. The challenge involved the small and agile Bugatti Conelli Dreyfus, Nuvolari, Foresti, Mattresses and Chiron, with the most powerful being handled by Divo and Suneck running privately, the Alfa Romeo 1500 with 6 cylinder compressor designed by Vittorio Jano running with Campari and Marinoni and Maserati Borzacchini, Beans and the Maserati. This came up again with the Bugatti type 35B which Divo won the race in 7h 20 '56 "at an average of 73.478 km / h, Campari came second to 1 minute and a half mostly because of the large number of tires that had to change and third Conelli with the Bugatti type 37A to more than 2 minutes. Marinoni was forced to retire on lap 4. on the second of five laps was leading the Bohemian Madame JUNEK that for two months preparing furiously with his Bugatti think he had the 108 km route the circuit on foot and was marked with paint strokes, decipherable only by you, the most difficult corners. the audience, who knew her well, she went into a frenzy, but the last laps fatigue and overwork which was submitted in previous days forced the champion of Prague to slow down and only come in fifth.
Limited edition of 50 pieces