Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Super Sport (1928) 1/43 scale

195,00€ (vat inc.)

The 6C 1500 marks the debut of Vittorio Jano, creator of the legendary P2 Grand Prix, in the design of touring cars for Alfa Romeo. The 6C 1500 engine with single overhead, is officially presented in 1925 at the Motor Show in Milan; is a car designed primarily to customers who begin to withdraw in 1927, but it aroused so much enthusiasm that is quickly set up a second set and enhanced with DOHC engine. The 6C 1500 Super Sport is a derivation of the racing car for sale. They were produced around 1075 6C 1500, including 25 Super Sport 15 with naturally aspirated engine (carburetor body double vertical), 10 with compressor lobes (one-piece horizontal carburetor). The car is one of the ten plays overfed and is exposed to the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese. The product has free shipping to all over the country. Limited edition of 50 pieces.   If the model is not available when you order, you can apply for as long as 50 parts provided by sending an email to [email protected]