Ferrari 312 T (1975) 1/43 scale


The Ferrari 312T is the car with which the Maranello played in the World Cup in 1975 and made the first races of the season 1976. The biggest news, which opened a technical cycle ended in 1981, was the adoption of the transverse gearbox and hence came just the name T. it was probably one of the best single-seater built by Ferrari.
The new car had a perfect weight distribution that made it agile, stable and easy to handle. The aerodynamics it improved the ability deportanti while maintaining a good flow. The frame was fitted with a tubular structure coated with stiffening panels, to achieve a configuration with self-supporting body, with front and rear suspensions with independent wheels. The engine 12-cylinder horizontally opposed and had the injection and electronic ignition Dinoplex. The designer of the car, of course, Mauro Forghieri. The drivers Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni.
The car won six victories in 1975 and 3 in the first three races of 1976.
After a muted start, Lauda put together a series of wins and placements that allow him to Monza to win the world championship title. Specifically Lauda won the Grand Prix Motecarlo, Belgium, Sweden, France and the United States at the Glen. Regazzoni won at Monza, on the day of the World Lauda. In Maranello came the constructors' championship

Model made on the basis Tameo.
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