MASERATI 250 F (1955) 1/43 scale


Historical Notes
Coach of the most representative in the history of Maserati, the 250F has contributed to the prestige of the Maserati on racetracks around the world. With the 250F driven by Juan Manuel Fangio's the company won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1957, thus placing his name among the car manufacturers who have achieved success in Formula. The racing career of the 250F proved to be long and full of successes, including a period of seven years, from the first race January 17, 1954, the Argentine Grand Prix, where Fangio was ranked first, the last, the Grand Prix of the United States on 20 November 1960. Despite the victory in the World Championship of 1957, Maserati was unable to build on the success, setting a program to challenge for the title in the 1958 season also managerial problems and a severe financial crisis of 'company led to the dissolution of the official racing team.

Model made on the basis M.C.M
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