Ferrari 330 P4 Spider (1967) 1/24 scale


The 330 P4 is born in the winter of 1966 to take to the track at the 24 Hours of Daytona, the first weekend of February 1967. It 'a deadly cocktail for Ferrari in a positive way for opponents in the negative, as synonymous with "lethal". The body is simply an evolution of the 330 P3, beaten at Le Mans in June 1966 by the Ford GT 40; the engine is instead completely revised by Franco Rocchi and his staff. The twelve-cylinder V-4 liter engine benefits from some decanting technology straight from Formula 1 to 3 distribution valves per cylinder aimed at making better use mechanical indirect injection Lucas, comes from the 312-seater "evolution" .The frame instead, undergoes some updates than that of P3, while retaining the structure of steel pipes integrated aluminum panels and glass fiber in the central part. Onset occurs at the 24 Hours of Daytona: Ferrari presents two examples at the start of the new model, a 412P and some sports cars entrusted to the private teams. Vince crew Bandini in front of Amon-Parkes-Scarfiotti, behind which the ranking of Guichet 412P-Rodriguez. The genius of communication Franco Lini, facing the clear superiority of the Ferrari Ford GT40 compared to the six officers, is organizing a legendary arrival in the three cars rush: a replica decided to mimic the arrival of the GT40 at the finish line at Le Mans in June previous year. The other win of the season was the 1000 km of Monza. At the last race of the season, the BOAC International 500, the constructors' title was contested between the Ferrari 330 P4 and 412 P, and the Porsche with the 908. At this race, Ferrari became one of the P4, the chassis number 0858, in the boat, removing the canopy and reducing the weight of about 40 kg. The car came in second place, allowing the Ferrari win the constructors' championship. In 1968, the regulation changed, imposing a limit of 3000 cc displacement and preventing the P4 to continue to compete in the world championship. Totally Ferrari produced three 330 P4, with chassis number 0856, 0858 and 0860. Two of these, the 0858 and 0860 at the end of the season were deeply modified to fit the Can-Am championship. The only Ferrari 330 P4 remained to date in original condition is chassis number 0856.

Model made by modifying a set of white metal Hiro Model.

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